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10 Ways to Get Paid to Plant Trees on Your Land

10 Ways to Get Paid to Plant Trees on Your Land

Is it possible to get paid to plant trees on your land? Absolutely yes! Do you want to learn how? Read on to see just how.

Planting trees is an effective way of reducing CO2 and adding oxygen to the atmosphere. In addition, trees are a source of food and shelter for many species. Generally, the benefits of planting trees are countless.

But did you know you can also make extra cash planting trees on your land? Indeed you can!

Tree farming can be a lucrative venture regardless of the size of your farm. There are numerous ways to make money with trees that most people are unaware of. For instance, trees and tree products such as nuts, fruits, and wood are highly valuable.

However, you have to exercise a lot of patience for your tree farming venture to be successful and bring you financial returns. This is because trees take a long time to grow and might not give you income as fast as you want.

So, do you want to learn how to make money planting trees? Check out these incredible tips on how to get paid to plant trees on your land.

 Best Ways to Get Paid to Plant Trees on Your Land

trees forest trail

If you wish to monetize tree planting on your farm, here is how to go about it.

1. Producing Saplings of Trees in Your Nursery

This is the fastest way to earn extra cash, planting trees on your land. And, a tree nursery does not require a lot of space. You can create one in your garden or your small patch of land.

In a tree nursery, your work will be to grow, propagate, and sell tree saplings.

When setting up a nursery, you can choose to produce tree saplings from seedlings, seeds, or cuttings. Choose one that will save you cost, and that you are most comfortable with.

You will get paid to plant trees on your land if you sell these tree saplings to landowners, homesteaders, organizations, and even government departments. Aspire to produce enough saplings that will match up to the existing demand.

The advantage of raising tree saplings is that you get to sell them at different stages. Usually, young tree saplings will retail at a lower price. However, customers who want mature tree saplings will fork out more money.

Raising saplings in a tree nursery is therefore one of the flexible and unique ways to make money planting trees on your land.

2. Growing Trees for their Nuts and Fruits

Growing fruit trees and trees that produce nuts is also among the best ways to get paid to plant trees on your land. Fruits and nuts are high-value products that are abundantly consumed. The market for these products is always available.

You can set a portion of your land and set up an orchard. This will be specifically for growing fruit trees such as apples, pineapples, oranges, and avocadoes.

However, before starting a commercial fruit and nut trees business, please ensure the climate is conducive for the type and variety of trees you want to plant. Also, make sure there is enough demand for your fruits and nuts in your local market. And, note that there are some important agronomic practices of planting these trees that need to be adhered to.

You can earn extra cash from nuts and fruits harvested from your trees through direct selling to your neighbors or in the local market. These products can also be processed into other higher-value products such as juices for sale.

3. Planting Trees for Timber

planting trees for money

Trees are a good source of timber. And, planting trees for timber is an excellent way of making money from your land. The different varieties of trees on your land can be harvested and sawed into timber.

If you choose to plant trees for timber production, then patience is paramount. This is because trees will take several years before maturing into good timber.

However, when mature, there is a high global demand for timber as it’s the main material used in making furniture. Also, wood is used heavily for industrial purposes, especially in the paper manufacturing industry.

Timber is also widely used in construction and craft projects such as wood carving. This means that there is a huge market for wood and timber that you can get a slice of and make money in the long run.

So, get paid to plant trees on your land by sawing the trees and directly selling timber. And if you are a DIY enthusiast, you can also make craft products yourself and sell them.

4. Plant Trees for Fiber

Fiber is also an important product of trees you can make money from. All you need to do is find trees that are good sources of fiber and plant them on your land.

Cotton is one of the trees you can grow on your land, which is a good source of fiber. Cotton is widely used in the textile industry as it’s cheap and its fiber has good properties.

You can plant cotton trees on your land and supply its fiber to a nearby ginnery. This is an easy way to get paid to plant trees on your land. If you have a large tract of land, you can consider dedicating it to cotton farming.

Generally, cotton can earn you some quite handsome returns. Furthermore, harvests for fiber will happen for a long time before you can replace the trees.

Kindly note that the upfront costs for planting fiber trees may be higher but your earnings will be worth it in the long run.

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5. Planting Trees for Firewood

It is easy to learn how to make money by planting trees on your land. And, growing trees purely to produce high-quality firewood is a clear indication of that.

Firewood can be used at home for heating and cooking, saving you the money you would spend on firewood.  Also, you can harvest your trees, saw them into firewood, and subsequently sell the firewood to other users in your area to earn extra cash.

Make sure you plant hardwoods if your focus is to produce firewood. Hardwoods produce dense wood and excellent firewood. You can ensure the sustainability of your project by ensuring you replant trees on your land whenever you harvest the mature ones for firewood.

Firewood is also widely used in several industries. It is used for fueling steam turbines and steam engines.

If you want to know how to make extra money from your trees, selling them as firewood to companies in thermal electricity generation is a great option.

6. Growing Ornamental Trees

ornamental trees for money

These types of trees are also used to beautify your home and add color. Ornamental trees are in high demand making them one of the best ways to get paid to plant trees on your land.

Focus to plant shrubs and trees that are not only beautiful but also good sources of shade. The major landscaping trees include star magnolia, Japanese maple, desert willow, crabapple, sugar maple, blue spruce, and arborvitae.

You can earn extra cash from these trees by selling them directly to customers such as your neighbors. There are also many landscaping companies that you can supply to. Various gardens, hotels, and conference facilities are also in great need of ornamental trees.

Make sure you have a high volume of landscaping trees to meet the demand. This is critical to ensure a steady supply to landscaping companies, who can automatically become your key repeat customers. Even though planting landscaping trees is a time-consuming venture, the financial returns are worth it.

7. Using Your Forest or Woodland for Training or Educational Purposes

Now, this is another unique way to get paid to plant trees on your land. If you have a large tract of land, you can consider planting a forest. And even if your land is small, you still stand to gain from such a venture by using the land creatively.

Turn your forest or woodland into a training ground for individuals and groups. Running courses or workshops on forestry, coppicing, and forest gardening is one of the ways to make money planting trees on your land.

For example, if you have a well-developed orchard, you can use it to teach people about orchard maintenance. This can significantly boost your revenue streams from your land.

You can curate the workshops and courses by yourself or involve an expert. Also, you can choose to offer the courses and training on a part-time basis or full-time, depending on your schedule and other commitments.

8. Using Trees for Recreation

With inventiveness and creativity, it is possible to create tree-based attractions that can help you get paid to plant trees on your land. Therefore, if you have a relatively large parcel of land, there are many recreational businesses that you can start.

One of the easiest ventures to establish is an adventure playground that targets children. This may include something like a treehouse that is usually a great attraction for children.

If you have big trees on your property, you can also consider creating a zip line or high ropes. Aerial recreation is something that is continually growing in popularity.

These tree-based recreational activities will not only be attractive to kids but also any other person interested in outdoor activities. You can choose to charge a small fee and earn extra cash from your trees.

Furthermore, the tree-based attractions you create using the trees growing on your property can help you diversify into the eco-tourism or travel industry. This can be done in combination with the landscaping functions of the trees you have planted.

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9. Using Tree to Host Events

mini-forest to host events

You can get paid to plant trees on your land by using your mini-forest to host events. If you have enough land, you can consider planting a woodlot or mini-forest. However, this requires a bit of patience for your trees to mature and form an ambient space for hosting events.

The events your beautiful forest can host include weddings, business outings, birthdays, Halloween parties, and business seminars. Make sure your woodland space is conducive and attractive to potential users.

This can be done by planting more ornamental and landscaping trees to ensure that you create a beautiful forest that people can consider booking for events.

To reach potential customers, you can take photographs of the spaces and share them on social media or your website. If marketing is done well, this is without a doubt one of the best ways to make money with trees.

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10. Growing Trees for Resins, Tannins, and Oils

By now, you must have realized that there are so many ways to make money planting trees on your own land. Growing trees that are good sources of resins, oils, and tannins is another one.

Resins, oils, and tannins are highly valuable substances used in industry to make substances such as varnishes, incense, and adhesives.  So the market for such trees is practically insatiable.

Grow trees that are good sources of these substances and start laughing all the way to the bank as you get paid to plant trees on your land. Some of these valuable trees include the Lansan trees, agarwood trees, and Dipterocarpaceae.

However, some of these trees are threatened by extinction. But you can also exploit that opportunity by planting them to promote their conservation.

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