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16 Ways to Get Free PayPal Money (Instant & Easy Options)

16 Ways to Get Free PayPal Money (Instant & Easy Options)

Are you wondering if free PayPal money is possible? Here is good news – yes – it is. All you need is access to the right tools and apps as listed in the article, so keep reading.

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably in a tight spot and need money urgently.

While free PayPal money sounds like a great prospect to most people in such cases, not all of the options are safe and legit to use.

Whenever there’s money involved online, you should conduct complete due diligence from your side to avoid wasting your time in the process.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry.

I’ve compiled the ultimate list of ways to get free PayPal money that you can use to earn some quick cash.

There are many ways ranging from survey sites to selling stuff which you can choose from.

So let’s dive in.

How Can I Earn Free PayPal Money?

For those of you who’re new to the concept of earning free PayPal money instantly, there are several ways you can easily do so using your computer or phone.

PayPal is a popular payment gateway for various online reward sites. Meaning, by signing up and using these sites, you can easily earn free PayPal money.

However, how fast you can collect your cash and your earning potential entirely depends on the app you choose.

Free Survey Money

If you sign-up for survey sites that allow payment through PayPal, you’ll have to complete polls and questionnaires on the site.

Similarly, if you go for cashback apps or plug-ins, you’ll have to connect your credit cards or shop through those platforms.

Besides that, there are many ways to get free PayPal money, like selling your products or services or even flipping items for a profit on eCommerce sites.

With the long list of options available, it is easy to get confused while deciding which one to go for.

To make things easy for you, I’ve divided each of the choices into categories, so you can easily decide which task you want to take up and earn free PayPal money.

Survey Websites for Free PayPal Money

Survey websites and apps are popular with the masses as they offer good money in exchange for a few questions. These apps use the information you provide to supply data for market research companies and share the revenue with you.

But, each survey platform has a different mode of redemption for the points you earn. Not every survey site offers payment through PayPal.

So, if you’re looking for free PayPal money, here’s a list of survey sites you should try out.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the best options if you’re looking for a survey site to earn free PayPal money. It’s easy to sign-up so you can become a member in minutes.

Survey Junkie Logo

After that, the platform recommends surveys to you according to your location, skillset, and preferences. The best part is, the minimum payout threshold is only $10.

You can earn about $0.5 to $1 for each survey, depending on the survey length and your efficiency in answering the questions. Similarly, each survey takes only 10-15 minutes to complete, except the high-paid surveys, which can take about 30 mins to complete.

Meaning, if you spend about an hour on the site, you can quickly get your free PayPal money within your first week.


InboxDollars is another online rewards site that’s popular for its highly-paid surveys. It has one of the highest pay rates compared to other survey sites.

inboxdollars logo

You can earn anywhere from $3-$25 for each survey, depending on its length and genre.

The platform also pays you higher rates if you belong to a certain demographic profile or if you’re an expert in the field. Typically, a survey will take you about 10 minutes to complete, but it can be as long as 25 minutes as well. The longer the surveys, the higher the pay rate.

Moreover, it is easy to sign-up, and you’ll get a $5 bonus as soon as you become a member on the website.

Besides that, there are many other ways to earn money on InboxDollars, like playing games, searching the web, and watching videos. Once you reach their minimum payout threshold, you can redeem your cash through PayPal.


If you’re wondering how to get free money on PayPal, LifePoints is the ultimate option for you. It is a merger between TheGlobalTestMarket and MySurvey and offers legit surveys that pay you instantly.

LifePoints logo

The payment system on LifePoints is quite straightforward. All you have to do is sign-up and provide some details about yourself.

According to these details, you will be assigned surveys on the website. Each survey will pay you around $0.5 to $5. Once you reach their minimum withdrawal limit of $20, you can redeem the points and get free PayPal money.


Swagbucks is one of the best survey sites for PayPal users. It has an easy sign-up process, and they even offer a $5 bonus for every member that joins the platform.

Swagbucks logo

After you become a member, you’ll have to take an internal survey on the platform to help Swagbucks decide which surveys you’re eligible for. Then, you can take as many surveys as you want in a day and get paid immediately.

Besides that, you can earn money by watching videos, playing games, and referring the site to your friends. Once you reach their minimum payout threshold of $25, you can easily withdraw your free PayPal money.


Toluna is a popular survey site known for its high payment rate and straightforward payment process.

Most importantly, Toluna partners with well-known brands like Coca-Cola and Amazon, so your opinions will help shape these companies’ marketing strategies.

Toluna logo

The site pays you about $30 for every 95,000 points you earn answering surveys. That doesn’t sound like much, but each of their surveys can pay you up to 1000 to 10,000 points.

Meaning, if you bag high-paying surveys, you can reach the minimum limit quickly and withdraw your money through PayPal.

However, you can only get free PayPal money from Toluna if you’re from the US, UK, or Canada.


PrizeRebel is a well-known online rewards platform that makes survey-taking an exciting task. Not only can you complete surveys on PrizeRebel like other online platforms, but you can also compete with other users as well.

PrizeRebel logo

Your per survey rate increases when you reach certain reward levels on the site. Meaning, the more surveys you regularly take, the higher rewards you’ll earn.

Usually, a typical survey on PrizeRebel will pay you around $0.50 and takes almost ten to fifteen minutes to complete.

The minimum payout limit through PayPal is $5, so you can get free PayPal money within a week by taking surveys on PrizeRebel.

Vindale Research

Vindale Research is a legit survey platform for people who want to earn quick PayPal money. Here, the rewards are not shown in points like other platforms. Instead, they’re denoted in dollars, so you can quickly see how much you’ve made.

Vindale Research logo

Their surveys pay anywhere from $0.5 to $50 depending on the survey’s topic and your demographic location.

For example, a fashion survey may pay only $2, while complex surveys involving tech or political information can even pay $10 each.

Besides that, you can earn on Vindale Research by playing games or referring your friends. Once you reach their minimum payout threshold, you can cash your money out through PayPal.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is a pioneering platform when it comes to online market research sites. It is a straightforward platform known for its short and high-paying surveys.

PineCone Reseach Logo

If you’re wondering how to earn free PayPal money, you can easily do so on this site by taking short opinion polls that take no time.

The site will only recommend surveys that you qualify for according to the information you provide in your profile. This reduces the hassle of getting disqualified or screened out of surveys.

However, you can only join Pinecone Research if a member invites you. If you qualify, you can easily earn $3 per survey and make some quick PayPal cash online.

Read more in this full Pinecone Research review.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is an easy-to-use platform that lets you earn free PayPal money by taking surveys and testing products.

opinion outpost logo

The site conducts market research for well-known companies and gets a commission by selling the data they collect from their users. In turn, they share this commission with you in the form of points that you can redeem easily through your PayPal account.

Furthermore, you can post product reviews, refer your friends, and participate in giveaways to maximize your Opinion Outpost earnings.

You can redeem $1 from the site for every 100 points you earn. The minimum PayPal payout limit is $10, so once you’ve made enough, you can receive your cash right away.

Read more in this full Opinion Outpost review.

Branded Surveys

Founded back in 2012, Branded Surveys is one of the most popular survey sites in the US, UK, and Canada. The site pays around 300-500 points for each survey and also offers a 100-point sign-up bonus.

Branded surveys logo

Meaning, you can earn free PayPal money by merely signing up for the platform. Apart from the usual surveys that take about 10-15 minutes to complete, this site has short daily polls that offer 10-50 points.

You can take these polls to increase your earnings and refer the site to your friends as well. Upon reaching their minimum payout limit, you can redeem your free PayPal money right away.

Read more about the site in our Branded Surveys review.

Cashback Websites

For those who’re already using survey sites and are looking for some other ways to earn free PayPal money, cashback websites are the best options.

With cashback websites, you don’t have to do anything to earn money. Just download an app or a browser extension, and conduct all your shopping through the platform.

However, not all cashback sites are legit, and you can end up losing your money if you sign-up for a scam site. Here’s a list of my favorite cashback sites that offer free PayPal money.


MyPoints is the ultimate site for those who want to take surveys and earn cash back at the same time.

MyPoints Logo

You can earn about $5-$25 from each survey on the site and get amazing discounts on your everyday shopping list. All you have to do is sign-up on the platform and create your profile.

What makes this platform more appealing is that it provides instant PayPal payouts. Once you accumulate enough credit in your MyPoints account to receive a PayPal cashout, the site processes your payment in no time.

While most sites take anywhere from two days to a week to process payouts, you can get your cash from PayPal on the same day with MyPoints.

Read more in this full MyPoints review.


Rakuten is hands down the most popular cashback there is. With more than 1500 partner brands and hundreds of shopping deals every day, the platform lets you earn PayPal money easily.


First of all, you get a $10 bonus for signing up on the platform. After that, you’ll get a percentage of your bill in cash back every time you shop from their partner brands.

Their extensive list of brands and retailers ensures cashback on every purchase you make.

These include your everyday groceries or luxury shopping. You can redeem the cash easily through your PayPal account whenever you want.


Ibotta is a legit cashback app that gives you free PayPal money whether you shop online or in person. The site has a long list of partner brands, including popular grocery stores and high-profile brands.


This way, you can get cash back on almost all your purchases. The site tracks your online shopping automatically. However, if you’re shopping in person, you’ll have to scan your shopping receipts on the site.

Moreover, you can refer the site to your friends and earn free PayPal money every time someone signs up through your link. Also, you’ll get a $10 bonus when you become a member.

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is a traditional cashback platform where users can earn free PayPal money by scanning their shopping receipts.

Receipt Hog

Getting accepted on the platform is quite tricky as they do not let new users join easily. Nevertheless, once you’re a member, you can earn a percentage of all your shopping receipts from their partner brands.

Besides that, the platform uses your receipts to enter your name into monthly lucky draws. This way, you can maximize your earnings and redeem the cash through your PayPal account.

Get Free PayPal Money From PayPal Itself

Another way to get free PayPal money is by trying out some offers from PayPal itself.

While PayPal is a popular payment mode for online reward sites, it has some great earning opportunities for frequent users. Check out some of their popular money-making options right here.


Honey is a shopping rewards site similar to Rakuten or TopCashBack. The site provides cashback to its users whenever they make a purchase through their browser extension.

Honey app logo

Recently, the platform was acquired by PayPal, and the network directly rewards its customers for downloading the Honey app.

If you already have a PayPal account, you can earn $5 from the PayPal rewards center if you download the Honey app. You can even get extra rewards for referring the app to your friends.

Moreover, you don’t need to reach a minimum payout threshold to redeem your reward. You can immediately cash the money out once it is transferred to your PayPal balance.

That makes it a great way to earn free PayPal money.

PayPal Referrals

If you have a PayPal account, you can easily earn free PayPal money without downloading an app or completing any tasks.

PayPal has a unique referral offer to send $10 into your account if you refer PayPal to a friend.

However, as a referral, you will have to send a PayPal balance of $0.1 to a friend who doesn’t have a PayPal account.

Mind you; you will only get the free $10 balance if your friend links their newly-made PayPal account to their existing credit card. Also, they should spend at least $5 through their new account.

Once the $10 bonus is transferred to your account, you can cash it out at any time you want.

Free PayPal Money FAQs

Now that you’ve been through my list of ways to earn free PayPal money, you probably want to start making instant cash right away.

But, for those of you who are new to the concept of earning money online, the prospect might seem a little confusing and intimidating.

That’s why I’ve answered a few questions regarding free PayPal money to help you make your decision.

Can I Earn Free PayPal Money Instantly?

Yes, getting free PayPal money instantly is possible, but only if you know what instantly means in the online rewards world. You cannot expect to click a button and get money transferred to your account in the next moment.

However, you can get an instant Paypal balance by referring PayPal to a friend, but even that will take about a week.

Besides that, you can go for survey and microtask sites that don’t have any minimum cashout restriction or provide a handsome sign-up bonus so you can redeem PayPal cash immediately.

Apart from that, almost all ways to earn PayPal money online will take some time and effort from your side.

What is the Fastest Way to Earn Free PayPal Money?

In my opinion, the fastest and easiest way to earn PayPal money is by downloading cashback apps and browser extensions.

Popular cashback sites like Rakuten and Swagbucks can pay you anywhere from 5% to 50% of your shopping receipt, depending on your retailer and the products you purchase.

The best part is, you don’t have to do anything at all. Just download the app or extension, and shop as you usually would. Most of the popular cashback sites partner with a plethora of brands and retailers, so you’ll probably get cashback on all your shopping sessions.

Meaning, you can earn PayPal money instantly, without having to put in any extra effort or using any special skills.

Are There Any Free PayPal Money Scams to be Aware of?

To be honest, when it comes to free PayPal money, there are more scams than legit offers on the internet. One thing you should keep in mind about free money offers is that, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Besides that, you should look out for some obvious red signals. For example, if a website asks you for unnecessary sensitive information, it’s a complete no-no.

The easiest way to avoid scam offers is to stick to well-known platforms with good ratings and have a reliable payout history. Otherwise, you can end up wasting your precious time in search of free money online.

Final Words

That concludes my list of the best ways to get free PayPal money online. While there are many ways you can generate free cash on the internet, none of them will pay you a fortune for doing nothing.

The maximum amount you can earn in free PayPal cash is about $20-$50 monthly. However, if you spend considerable time on online reward sites, you can create an excellent passive income stream for yourself, or just enough to have some extra cash in your pocket.

As long as you’re not hoping to rely on this income, earning free PayPal cash online is fun while it lasts.