Nov 09 2012

YouGov Review and Rating: Scam or Legitimate?

Survey Examiner’s Overall YouGov Review Score is 5.67/10


About YouGov

yougovYouGov is a website dedicated to giving companies, institutions, and governments higher quality, sound date through detailed and honest surveys they receive from their surveyors. YouGov acquired Polimetrix in 2007, which is a venture-funded online polling firm which allowed YouGov to further enhance their research marketing capabilities. Through YouGov, you can earn money by filling out surveys, which will ultimately aid in the revolutionizing or changing of mass products that consumers use every day. YouGov is an international website that allows people from all over the world to give their opinions on anything and everything, from world leaders and celebrities to fruit.

Is YouGov a Scam?

No, YouGov is not a scam. They are a surveying website that cares about getting the truth, and offers payment in return. By filling out surveys honestly and completely through YouGov, you can help make a difference in society and the world and get paid doing it. Their slogan, “What the world thinks,” is not just a simple phrase they use, but a motto they live by. They want the world’s opinion, not just one country’s. They allow anyone in the world to voice their opinion, no matter where they’re at, because they want everyone’s opinion.

How is YouGov Legitimate?

YouGov is legitimate because they don’t just favor one country or one area’s opinion, but the global opinion as a whole. They offer surveys and polls on virtually any topic, and allow anyone worldwide to take the poll or survey in order to get the truthful response. They also partner with outside organizations in order to get opinions from outsourced areas and members of other websites. Furthermore, though they ask for personal information such as your physical home address and email address, they will never outsource your information to third parties or advertisers. You can feel safe and protected through YouGov knowing that they will keep your information between you and them.

Who Can Sign Up for YouGov?

Anyone eighteen years of age or older is able to sign up for YouGov, no matter where they are in the world. Their payment method is through cash or prize drawings. YouGov is different than most survey websites in that they guarantee how short their surveys will be. Where some surveys on other websites can last over an hour, YouGov’s surveys last five to seven minutes, and they assure you that they will never take more than twenty. Once you become a member of YouGov you’ll start receiving email invitations for surveys that fit your interests. Once completed, you’ll receive points that you can later exchange for prizes or money.

How Does YouGov Make Payments?

YouGov makes payments through cash, prize drawings, or they allow you to exchange your points for gifts or rewards. Some of these gifts can include gift cards, tote bags, T-shirts, or even movie tickets. The possibilities are endless with YouGov.

YouGov is a surveying website intent on getting the global opinion on multiple topics and subjects. By allowing surveyors from across the world to fill out surveys honestly and completely, they receive the research they and their clients desire. Join YouGov today and be part of their global system for research marketing so that you can help change and shape the world.

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