Jan 11 2013

Which Survey Sites Pay Through PayPal?

How To Figure Out If A Survey SIte is LegitimateAs this site has made it known, there are many survey websites out there that aren’t just scamming you for your money. On the contrary, all of the survey sites shown here at Survey Examiner pay you for your hard work and completion of their surveys. People not only make money, but have turned taking surveys into a full time job. When searching for different survey sites, however, people don’t just want to know that they can get paid – they want to know horw they’ll be paid. Here are a few of the best survey sites that pay through PayPal, one of the most trusted sites for payment on the Internet.


Rather than making you pay just to sign up, E-Poll actually puts every new member upon signing onto their website into a drawing for one of four $250 cash prizes. For anyone over the age of thirteen residing in the United States, E-Poll can be a great opportunity to earn a little extra income or even replace a part time job. Once you hit the minimum balance of withdrawal, which is only $5.00, you can send a request for your money to be sent straight to PayPal. The processing time to receive your money takes 6-8 weeks, but in the mean time, you could always just start making more.


SurveyHead actually pays you to sign up rather than vice versa. When you hit the “sign up” button at the end, you instantly get $5.00 added to your account. And though the minimum withdrawal balance is $25, that’s easy to make with how efficient SurveyHead works. If you try hard and send in surveys as quickly as possible after you receive them, you can earn a lot with SurveyHead. Even better, as long as you’re eighteen or older you can sign up to SurveyHead no matter where you reside in the world. Anyone in any country can earn a living off of surveys, and SurveyHead is the site that helps to prove it.

Opinion Place

Opinion Place was founded by the same people who made SurveyHead, and in the past five years has become quite a success story for many people across America. Opinion Place is centered around helping US corporations make important changes in their products through the use of consumer’s surveys. The more surveys you perform, the more you get paid and the more you help change the world.

Pinecone Research

You might have seen Pinecone Research on the side of Facebook or other social networking sites. They gather their surveyors through advertisements like that all across the Web. However, they do filter people, so only the highest of quality surveyors actually make a large sum of money off of them. In this way, Pinecone Research makes people actually focus on honesty in their surveys rather than just trying to get them done as fast as possible. Pinecone Research is a great place to let your opinion completely free, and they pay through PayPal easily.

Brand Institute/ Online Global Recruiting

Brand Institute is probably one of the most expert-enriched survey websites across the Internet. With people from the World Health Organization (WHO), USAN Council, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), European Medicines Agencry (EMA), Labour and Welfare (MHLW), and Ministry of Health. Given this, and the fact that they perform surveys on products from pharmaceutical to cosmetic goods, they are very experienced in their specific field. Now, when you join their team, you can do surveys on the products you use everyday, get paid, and have your survey reviewed by the best. This allows you as a surveyor to help shape the world of medicine and other various products, one survey at a time.

All of these survey sites, along with many others, pay through PayPal, and send money quickly and efficiently as well. When taking surveys on the most trusted survey sites on the Internet, you enable yourself to make the money you’ve been wanting – all while sitting at home, typing out answers on your computer.


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