Aug 14 2012

Pinecone Research Review and Rating: Scam or Legitimate?

Survey Examiner’s Overall Pinecone Research Review Score is 6.37/10


About Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research ReviewPinecone Research is one of the highest rated survey websites on the Internet, and is at the top of modern marketing research. They use fun and interesting surveys to gather information on the latest products and ideas from their clients. They require honest and whole-hearted survey responses, and offer money as a reward. You can earn money after every single survey you complete that is accepted.

Is Pinecone Research a Scam?

As a short answer, no – Pinecone Research is not a scam. On the contrary, Pinecone Research is qualified and honest surveying website capable of giving you all that it offers. In order to stay on the Panel on Pinecone Research, you have to continuously fill out detailed and honest surveys. Missing one can result in being dropped from the Panel, along with lying about information on a survey and not leaving responses with the quality that Pinecone Research is looking for. Though it can be difficult to stay on the Panel, if you’re a competent, intelligent human being than you’ll easily be capable of completing the surveys with all the requirements Pinecone Research is looking for.

How is Pinecone Research Legitimate?

Yes, Pinecone Research is legitimate. They are a reputable website that is known due to their banner advertisements placed on sites like MySpace and Facebook. Since they select only the highest quality surveyors, it stands to reason that they would be a website of high quality and promising survey results. They care about helping their surveyors earn money, and about giving their clients the best surveys possible so that they can change their products to further fit the needs of society and the modern world.

It is a reasonable assumption that by joining Pinecone Research, you will be able to earn money quickly and easily. It takes less than twenty minutes to complete an article, and each article can be between three and five dollars, though certain special surveys can be worth a lot more. You also will ocassionally receive products in the mail to test and review for Pinecone Research, who will then send back the final results to the client who owns the product. This means free stuff that no one else has seen yet for you. What better incentive should you have for joining a surveying website?

Who Can Sign Up for Pinecone Research?

Anyone over the age of thirteen is eligible to join the Pinecone Research Panel. They pay via PayPal or check through ground mail. They are simple and easy to use, and members of Pinecone Research state how quickly they receive payment for their work. You don’t have to request a money order through PayPal – they just send it to you.

How Does Pinecone Research Make Payments?

Pinecone Research makes payments by PayPal or check. The processing and delivery time for your money is sent out immediately, so you get your ground mail check as soon as possible and can receive your PayPal payment between two hours and two days.

Pinecone Research is a surveying website with little to no complaints from their members, who works hard to help you achieve your financial goals through filling out honest and complete surveys. By becoming a member, you can complete surveys for them for years to come, each month being able to test out new products from Pinecone Research’s clients and filling out surveys. Don’t miss your chance to earn some income through Pincecone Research today.

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