Nov 09 2012

Opinion Square Review and Rating: Scam or Legitimate?

Survey Examiner’s Overall Opinion Square Review Score is 5.32/10

opinion square review

About Opinion Square

opinionsquareOpinion Square is a research marketing company that will give you money for your opinion through surveys. They are the largest continuously measured consumer panel of their kind, carrying over two million members constantly. They focus on trending patterns, both online and offline, and aid companies in the supply and demand of the world. They are a dedicated surveying website that will give you money for yo

ur time, patience, and honest surveys. Through Opinion Square, you can earn big in just your small amount of spare time.

Is Opinion Square a Scam?

No, Opinion Square is not a scam. They are a well-known research marketing company that takes care of their members. They stay at the top of the chain with their large amount of members because they’re the best at what they do as far as their line of research marketing goes.

How is Opinion Square Legitimate?

Opinion Square is legitimate for many reasons, none more important than their high qualifications and esteemed certifications. Firstly, they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They’re Norton Secured, so you never have to worry about malicious software of harmful viruses reaching your computer through Opinion Square’s website, and they’re Identity Verified, meaning that when you click on their website and scroll to the bottom you can see based on the verifications that they are the website they say they are. Furthermore, they are partnered with Trees for the Future, which means that every time a new member signs up and stays active, they plant a tree. This may not make them legitimate, but it does show that they care about the world and focus on getting members constantly so that they can further help the world. Be part of a big change by signing up with Opinion Square.

Who Can Sign Up for Opinion Square?

Anyone eighteen years of age or older is eligible to sign up for Opinion Square. By signing up, you have the potential to earn money every time you fill out on of the surveys they invite you to. Over time this can rack up to large sums of money for you. By filling out a survey, you earn points which can over time be redeemed for cash. Also by filling out a survey, you enter into the monthly $100,000 sweepstakes drawing. Just like that, you have the ability to potentially earn $100,000 twelve months a year by simply filling out surveys on Opinion Square.

How Does Opinion Square Make Payments?

Opinion Square pays through check via ground mail, which will be sent to your physical address. The usual processing time is very prompt, so you receive your check quickly with no hassle. One of the best advantages to Opinion Square is that you always have the chance to earn. Even when you haven’t been active for a while, they’ll continuously send you survey email invitations. Where most websites penalize you for not being active with them, Opinion Square doesn’t mind.

Opinion Square is one of the leading research marketing websites across the Internet, and with them you can earn big. Help yourself by helping the world. Join Opinion Square today and start earning the money you really want.

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