Aug 02 2012

Opinion Outpost Review and Rating: Legitimate or a Scam?

Survey Examiner’s Overall Opinion Outpost Review Score is 7.27/10

Opinion Outpost Legit or Scam?

About Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost Review and RatingsOpinion Outpost is a unique survey website determined to let you voice your opinion and earn rewards in the process. Not only that, but Opinion Outpost allows you to enter into prize drawings to not only earn hundreds, but thousands of dollars.

Is Opinion Outpost a Scam?

Opinion Outpost is most definitely NOT a scam. With a simple, easy-to-use system of registering, participating in surveys, and immediately earning cash and rewards, Opinion Outpost works hard to give you the revenue you deserve for the work you perform.

This survey website isn’t going to spam your email address with unnecessary marketing schemes or tedious advertisments. On the contrary, Opinion Outpost promises to only send you email invitations when you want them, and to never send out your personal information or email address to third parties. They secure your privacy with the utmost ability, and show that they care by giving you only what you want out of their website.

Why is Opinion Outpost Legitimate?

Opinion Outpost is a fast money-earning tool. They supply you with survey invitations, you fill them out, and send them in for money in return. If you don’t qualify for a survey or study, you instantly get entered into a year-long cash give away. Every three months, you could win $10,000 by just not being qualified to take a survey. The possibilities are endless on Opinion Outpost, and you shouldn’t miss your opportunity to start earning the income you really want to achieve.

To keep their site updated and active, Opinion Outpost requires you to take at least one survey every three months, or you lose your Opinion Points. It can also take up to one month before your application is reviewed and you start receiving survey invitations via email. This is another method Opinion Outpost uses to maintain their safe and legitimate survey website.

Who Can Sign Up for Opinion Outpost?

The age requirement for signing up to Opinion Outpost is 18. However, you can only be a citizen of the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom to be eligible. The minimum balance for withdrawal is a mere five dollars – a very small balance necessary for withdrawal compared to some survey websites, which can require between twenty and fifty dollars before you’re allowed to withdraw money from your account. The payments can either be through cash or gift cards.

How Does Opinion Outpost Make Payments?

Opinion Outpost makes payments through PayPal for cash or by email for gift cards to major retailers.  Unlike nearly every other survey website reviewed by Survey Examiner, Opinion Outpost is by far the fastest as far as processing time goes. They will proccess and send you your hard-earned money immediately upon your request.

By completing the simple and easy online registration process today, you can start earning money by filling out surveys immediately. Opinion Outpost is one of the many efficient surveying websites proud to help you voice your opinions, and they will help you achieve your financial goals quickly if you possess the right skills and capabilities necessary. Join Opinion Outpost and earn money today.

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