Aug 14 2012

MyView Review and Rating: Scam or Legitimate?

Survey Examiner’s Overall MyView Review Score is 7.47/10

myview review and rating

About MyView

my view reviewFounded in 1996 – the oldest survey website that has been reviewed by Survey Examiner so far – MyView is a global community structured around letting your voice be heard. Unlike most survey websites, you get exclusive membership perks by joining MyView, including filling out surveys on never-before-seen movie trailers, the newest video games, rating designs of big-time corporations, and helping to mold the corporate world into a better tomorrow.

Their topics are a lot more modern than other certain survey sites, and include gaming, movies and entertainment, technology, books, television, family, and huge businesses. You decide what to write about. You decide what to voice your opinion on. MyView gives you the surveys. You receive money for the surveys you successfully fill out and complete. It’s just that simple.

Is MyView a Scam?

No – in fact, MyView will go to great lengths to prove to you that they’re not a scam. They are an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and are backed by Authentic Response. They’ll  go the distance to demonstrate how honest they are and just how much you can achieve through them, and even offer you to send them serious feedback and reviews. They accept their ratings and reviews for what they’re worth and always try to move forward; always try to do better.

Why is MyView Legitimate?

MyView is a legitimate survey website because of all the associations they are backed by and members of, how long they’ve been achieving their substantial goals, and how successful their website has become. They’re one of the most widely known, accepted, and highly reviewed surveying websites across the World Wide Web, and work to keep it that way constantly.

Who Can Sign Up for MyView?

Anyone legally thirteen years of age or older can sign up for MyView and start earning money by filling out honest surveys. However, MyView only accepts citizens of the United States as members. Their payment methods are through PrePaid Visa cards and gift cards that can be used online. They can even give you gift cards for specific major retailers, such as Amazon. The minimum balance before you can redeem your reward is fifteen dollars, which estimates to about 21,000 points in terms of MyView. Though that can seem like a monstrous amount of points before you start seeing the fruits to your labor, it can easily be achieved, because you earn points quickly on MyView.

How Does MyView Make Payments?

MyView makes payments by sending PrePaid Visa cards by ground mail, or by delivering vouchers and gift cards through your online email. The processing time before you receive your money can take up to two to three business days. However, compared to a lot of survey sites – some of which can take months to send you your money – MyView is very generous on how quickly they respond.

For sixteen years, MyView has been a surveying website dedicated to finding the truth in every member’s opinions. They are now not only nationally, but globally known, and can expect to achieve much more as time goes on. They are an excellent survey site to begin your potential online surveyor gold mine, and can help you earn the revenue you know that you deserve in no time.

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