Nov 09 2012

MyPoints Review and Rating: Legitimate or Scam?

Survey Examiner’s Overall MyPoints Review Score is 5.95/10


About MyPoints

mypointsMyPoints is a little different than most surveying websites, in that it’s not JUST a surveying website. They’re a rewards program website ultimately, and will give members money or points for filling out complete and honest surveygs, reading emails, printing coupons, playing games, and much more. They’re a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business and are TRUSTe certified, so you never have to worry about your personal information leaking out to third parties or being outsourced. MyPoints is a trusted rewards system website, and you can earn money through them easily and efficiently starting today.

Is MyPoints a Scam?

No, MyPoints is not a scam. They are a trusted surveying and rewards program website that has certifications and qualifications that makes them eligible to be a legitimate surveying and rewards program website. They have trusted and qualified affiliates and show you the true amount of money you’ll receive by doing a multiple number of things. With MyPoints, you can gain a small income by doing anything from playing games to reading emails.

Why is MyPoints Legitimate?

MyPoints is legitimate because they will gather your information through your honest surveys and various other methods that you used in order to gain money and give them to corporations worldwide to further the design and manufacturing quality for products. By working with MyPoints, you can help to revolutionize the way things are built and distributed globally. There are hundreds of deals you can get while working with MyPoints, including daily deals, deals that are completed locally, and deals that offer you coupons that are online or just grocery coupons. You can rack up points in order to purchase something online through MyPoints or earn money and have it sent to you after a certain amount of money has actually been earned. With MyPoints, the possibilities are endless.

Who Can Sign Up for MyPoints?

Anyone eighteen years of age or older is eligible to sign up for MyPoints. So long as you are eighteen, you can start earning money immediately through MyPoints and save huge by having access to deals and coupons that are related to the Internet or your local stores. MyPoints’ payment method is through gift certificates, which you can have delivered to you via ground mail or just use them online, such as when you use Gift Cards and Certificates.

How Does MyPoints Make Payments?

MyPoints makes payments by sending you gift cards or certificates via ground mail or by delivering them to you online. The usual processing time for delivering your cards is approximately three weeks, and you can get a card to virtually any store, either online or in your town or city. Once you earn a certain number of points, you can have a certain amount of money delivered to you via the gift cards. For instance, by earning 3600 points you can receive a $25 gift card. However, the more points you earn the more you save. $50 gift cards are less than twice the points, where you only have to earn 7100 to earn that gift card. Through the simple point system, you can end up earning a lot easily and efficiently over time.

MyPoints is a qualified and successful surveying and rewards program website that enables you to earn money online through multiple different options, such as playing games, reading emails, and filling out honest surveys. Once you get with MyPoints you’ll be extremely satisfied with how quickly you’ll earn. Join MyPoints today to start easily making money online as soon as possible.

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