Aug 14 2012

Ipsos i-Say Review and Rating: Scam or Legitimate?

Survey Examiner’s Overall Ipsos i-Say Review Score is 6.54/10

ipsos i say review and ratings

About Ipsos i-Say

ipsos isay reviewIpsos, or i-Say, is one of the most well-known and largest survey websites on the Internet. They have over 5,000 clients in over 100 countries, and carry out over 20 millions surveys each year thanks to their huge community of paid surveyors. i-Say allows you voice your opinion on a global scale, on thousands of different products and designs based on your specific preferences. With i-Say, your opinion really matters. By filling out surveys on Ipsos and creating your own polls, you can earn money, prizes, and other numerous winnings.

Ipsos was founded in 1975, and now has over 9,000 employees in over 60 countries worldwide. In just North America alon, they have over 1,600 support staff and research professionals located in 25 offices. In 2010, the 400 professional interviewers on their team performed nearly 400,000 hours of telephone interviews.

Is Ipsos i-Say a Scam?

No – Ipsos i-Say is in no way a scam. Rather, they are a survey website dedicated to giving their clients the most honest and trustworthy surveys about their products. This means that they were their hardest to get you to give them truthful survey responses, and to pay you for your hard-earned work. They are determined to continuously update their website with new and inovative ways to help both you and the clients.

Still skeptical? Ipsos is registered with the top global market research organizations, including ESOMAR, MRIA, MRA, and Casro. They’re part of Ipsos North America, and only provide the highest quality surveys possible.

How is Ipsos i-Say Legitimate?

Ipsos i-Say is legitimate because of the award-winning organizations they’re a part of, their long history for performing surveys both online and by telephone, and their ability to help you create your personal surveying preferences so that you can receive only the surveys you want. You will never receive spam emails by signing up with i-Say. You’ll never have advertisors send you emails on their newest marketing schemes. Your personal information and email address are safe from third parties and will stay with i-Say the entire time, and the only mail you’ll receive are your survey invitations based on your specific preferences.

Who Can Sign Up for Ipsos i-Say?

Anyone over the age of fourteen, whether they be citizens of the United States or anyone worldwide, is eligible to sign up for i-Say. The minimum balance for redemption is ten dollars for a gift card, and fifteeen for cash. You can earn points to exchange for cash easily and efficiently with Ipsos i-Say.

How Does Ipsos i-Say Make Payments?

Ipsos i-Say makes payments through cash, whether it be check through ground mail or wired to your PayPal account. You can also exchange the points you earn for Amazon gift cards, or gift cards/ certificates to other major retailers. Delivery for any type of reward or payment you request can take between five to eight weeks to process. Though it does take time, once you have a steady line of surveys being filled you’ll start earning money in no time.

Ipsos is one of the largest surveying websites in the world. They’re well-known across the entire Internet, and are dedicated to helping you earn money through filling out their surveys honestly and efficiently. With i-Say, you can finally start earning the money you truly deserve, without ever having to even leave your computer desk.

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