Get Paid To Take Surveys | A Proven Guide To Maximizing Paid Survey Profits Through An Organized Approach

get paid to take surveysWelcome to Survey Examiner, a website dedicated to providing honest and truthful reviews of paid survey sites.

If you have made it to this webpage, you are interested in making money online to either replace the income of a day job, or earn extra cash on the side.

This is precisely what I am going to teach you how to do.

But first, before you proceed, it is important to decide if online surveys are the right choice for you.  Typically, online survey taking works best for those who:

Enjoy working at their own pace.

Enjoy making their own hours.

Like working from the comfort of home.

If this describes you, then you have certainly made it to the right place.  In this guide, I will teach you how to take online surveys to the next level and really get paid to take surveys.  The guide is completely free, so do with it what you will.

How This Guide Is Different From Other Guides

This guide is different than most of the websites you are going to stumble upon when searching for surveys.  Here’s why:

  • I am not affiliated with just one particular survey site, so I will not urge you to only use a certain site.  In fact, a key part of the strategy is signing up with numerous survey sites.
  • I will not make you give me your email address or subscribe to my blog to get the info, I am giving you the information here, no strings attached.  However, you can feel free to reach out to me in the contact tab.
  • I have tested many different survey sites, so that I can recommend you the most profitable, reputable, and quickest sites on the web.

This will require some effort, and is NOT a get rich quick scheme in the least.  However, if you follow my strategy, you will get paid to take survyes, and you may actually find that surveys can be fun, and make much more money than you would expect.

Enough introduction though,  here is the tried, tested, and proven guide to maximizing survey profits:

Step 1 – Learn How To Distinguish the Good Survey Sites From the Bad, and the Basic Formula For Profit Maximization


First of all, you must realize that all online survey sites are not the same.  Many of these websites will actually try to get online job yes or no?you to pay money upfront before receiving surveys.  This is just a way to steal your hard earned money.  That’s why all of the survey sites I will recommend are absolutely free to start, and are proven legitimate businesses.

Here’s how these legitimate business models work:


  1. A company like Nike will pay a survey business for feedback on a product, service, or logo.
  2. The survey company will send surveys out to their lists.
  3. The members of the list will complete the survey.
  4. The survey company pays the members of the list for each survey they complete.


Now I will get to the specific websites that are free and legitimate in a bit.  But first, I want to discuss my personal strategy and how it differs from most people’s approach to online surveys.

When I first started taking surveys online, I was disappointed because the survey site did not send me enough opportunities to really make cash.  I was looking for a legitimate online job, and it just wasn’t working.  This was frustrating, because I wanted to make my entire income online.  Then, I started to look at it like a legitimate business plan.  I had an idea…

Why not subscribe to numerous survey sites, to increase the number of surveys presented, and increase my income.  I would pick only the top rated, no investment required sites, and avoid all scams.

So I got to work, I did a lot of research, and found a few survey sites that were completely legitimate, and required no upfront investment.  I signed up for the sites, and sure enough, I was getting tons of survey opportunities every day.  After about a month, I was able to make a livable income from online surveys.

Income will vary, but this strategy will ensure that you maximize your profit.

Here is the blueprint I used to create my own online job.  Hint: follow this strategy!


Step 2 – Create a Designated Email For All Survey Activity


gmailThis is a crucial step.  You do not want to start clogging up your personal email with surveys, and you want to be sure to have every survey carefully organized in your computer.  This is why I always recommend setting up a designated account.

Now before you start complaining about setting up an account, you must realize it only takes about 3 minutes!!!

Go to and create an account.  For example… or

This is going to keep you VERY organized moving forward.  Alright, on to the next step:


Step 3 – Sign Up For The Survey Sites With Your Survey Account | Get Paid To Take Surveys


online survey signup

The more survey sites you sign up for, the faster you will start making money.  Since you have a designated account, you won’t have to worry about spam.

However, before you go signing up for every survey site you can find, don’t forget the golden rule of surveys…

NEVER, I repeat NEVER sign up for a survey site that will make you pay money upfront.  This may be a scam..

To make things simple for you, I have compiled a list of survey sites.  I have included a thumbnail of each site so that you can be sure you are visiting the right location.  These are sites I have used and found success with, so they should be a great jumping off point:

Note: As your signing up for the survey sites, you may be asked to enter an address.  The only reason they ask for your address is to know where to send the checks and rewards as you achieve them, and to record your demographic.

The Survey Sites I Use To Make Money




Global Test Market

  • Global Test Market –  This company has millions of users and is certified by the Better Business Bureau.  This proves that they are in fact a legitimate survey group.  This was one of the first survey groups I ever used, and I have always highly recommended them.


Vindale Research

  • Vindale Research – This is a new company that I have been using and I highly recommend them.  One great feature is that signup is SUUPER easy.  All you have to do is enter your email address and you can get going.  Definitely worth giving a shot.


5 in 5 Now

  • 5 In 5 Now – Very, very cool website that offers you a $5 opportunity every day that only takes 5 minutes to complete.  If you think about this at an hourly rate, that is a $60 per hour rate.  This how you should be thinking about survey opportunities, so definitely sign up.


Survey Downline

  • Survey Downline – 3 reasons why I like Survey Downline:  1) You can really make 100’s of dollars per month with them.  2) You get paid to refer your friends.  3) They share 50% of their profit with you (a pretty decent amount when it comes to online surveys)


Global Survey Group

  • Global Survey Group – Not my absolute favorite, but definitely worth adding to your survey portfolio.  They are a company you can definitely trust, and why not add a few more opportunities to your inbox?



I would suggest signing up for all of these to start, and see how many opportunities are sent to you.  Most people get discouraged because there is not enough opportunity to make money, but if you sign up for all of these, you will have PLENTY of opportunity for profit.

As you start to get into a rhythm, you can sign up for even more, and expand your profit.  Don’t forget to confirm your subscription in the follow up email, or no surveys will be sent to you.

The great thing is, there is no risk.  Since I only listed survey sites that require no fees, and you are set up on a designated account, you will not have to put up any money or risk to try this out.


Step 4 – Complete The Surveys


I found that setting a certain time of day when I would complete surveys really helped me stay on track.  Handle it like a legitimate online job, because it isEvery night at 9:00 PM, I would look through my emails and complete all the surveys.

They took a little while at first, but then I got into a rhythm and was actually able to have fun with them, timing myself to see how fast I could complete them.

Now, I can do a survey in a matter of minutes, and actually complete over 20 surveys a day.  This helps provide me with an income, and I don’t even have a day job!



Step 5 – Cash Your Checks | Get Paid To Take Surveys!


It really is that easy to get paid to take surveys.

Because none of the websites I have listed require any investment,  there is literally no risk in trying this out.  You will find that surveys are one of the best online jobs available.  I set up this website for a reason, to spread knowledge about a great way to make money online.

So give it a try, and enjoy your new found income stream!